Human Interface bot relaxing in an armchair


Introducing the human interface project

The hi:project is a nonprofit, free, open-source engineering program formed to create a more human-centric web, open and accessible to all. Endorsed by the Web Science Trust, we’re currently building a community of interested parties, preparing to develop a technical proof of concept to demonstrate the potential of our vision.

The project helps:


The original introduction video

With thanks as always to the wonderful talents of Nic AKA Karoshikula.


A comparative definition of the human interface

50 year old construct fit for 20th Century computing for the pervasive digital environment of the 21st Century for the pervasive digital environment of the 21st Century
up close to the machine up close to the service provider up close to the individual
designed for an ‘average’ user designed to surveil the individual uniquely assembled uniquely for the individual
the organization’s the service provider’s the individual’s
the user must fit to the machine fitted to the individual fits to the individual
provides interactive information requires knowledge building by the service provider enables knowledge building by the individual
no AI intelligence (AI) is outsourced intelligence (AI) is supplied
degrees of awkwardness concealed, blackbox, so ‘disappears’ transparent, ideal, so ‘disappears’
largely static design dynamic, in the moment dynamic, in the moment
‘the interface is the product’ you are the product the product is the product
decentralized centralizing, eroding the Web We Want decentralizing, supporting the Web We Want