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An invitation to become a co-founder of the Collective

Hello and welcome to the interim website of the Digital Life Collective. You may have made your way here having read our co-founding prospectus, but if you've followed a different path then click the button to download.


We believe our tech should serve without tracking us, protect without limiting us, and empower without betraying us. And such tech should be accessible to everyone without exception.

We use digital technologies to improve our lives — for convenience, connection, information and entertainment. However, these same technologies track our every movement, our every action, our every interaction. They allow others to build and use and sell digital copies of us, corroding our privacy and influencing our lives in unknowable ways.

The Digital Life Collective develops, funds and supports technologies created with only the individual's needs in mind.

Trusted. Private. Inclusive.

Our tech, not their tech.

We're member funded, member owned, and member operated, for everyone's benefit ... digital technologies of, by, and for the people.

We simply can't do this unless we do this together. Your experience, participation and enthusiasm as a co-founder helps others, and helps all those others help you and yours.


You will be a co-founder for as long as you are a member of the Collective, and we'll be working together to make sure you can be proud of that.

You will help redecentralize our technology, making it more sustainable, more human.

You will help improve usability and accessibility, making sure everyone's invited to this new digital society.

You will help stop private, opaque companies from assembling the most detailed databases on our every move, our every action, our every thought.

You will help stop our governments from spying on the very people that elected them, the very people they're supposed to serve not undermine.

You will help get technology back on the right track — technology we can trust again so that we may trust ourselves again.

You will have the earliest access to these technologies. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other co-founders, technologists, and our future members of course. You'll debate some of the most critical opportunities and challenges facing our societies. You'll help set our direction, and help create value for everyone in the Collective.
And of course …you'll get to wear the t-shirt.


The Collective incorporated as a UK co-operative in May 2017. We have a bank account with the Co-operative Bank, and payment services are provided by Stripe to which Philip Sheldrake*, Laura James*, Shaun Fensom*, Steve Taylor*, Christina Bowen, and Moon Lee also have access (* indicates company director). Should you have any questions, please see our FAQ or contact us at

We need £16k to cover our start-up costs. We recommend a co-founding membership fee of £128.00 (click to see current conversion rates), else a sum you can afford. Please do review our prospectus (PDF) before contributing. Thank you.


Note: A non-sterling denominated account may incur additional fees for you, please check with your bank. If you use a credit union account your payment may get declined and you need to contact your bank to remove the block. Let us know.


You can follow us on Twitter or read up on new articles on Medium. If you want to contact us directly, use our mailing address or email us. We never give or sell any data to third parties, ever.