A map is a thousand pictures

Many kinds of interactive maps increasingly serve as powerful tools for supporting social and ecological strategic systems change efforts. Ecosystem mapping takes insights from systems thinking and uses them to structure coherent network graphs that can show both overlaps and gaps across projects.

The Collective supports the following mapping projects:


Pandemic response

Of course, the ecosystem on everyone’s mind right now is that of pandemic response projects. We are cooperating with our friends at Team Earth and CoMakery to make it easier to find pandemic reponse projects, approaches, and resources.

You can support this work by donating through Team Earth's Open Collective page, or by adding useful projects directly to the map. Learn more about how to help or join the mapping team through our CoMakery page for this project.



a snapshot of the pandemic response map
A snapshot of the pandemic response map, Digital Life Collective patterns, 2020


Decentralized tech

The flagship ecosystem map of the Digital Life Collective is the Decentralized Tech Map, launched as a pilot at the Internet Archive’s 2018 Decentralized Web Summit. We are working on finding partnerships and resources to improve this map, also in cooperation with Team Earth and CoMakery. You can find out more and see how to get involved on this project page.



decentralized tech map
A snapshot of the decentralized tech map, Digital Life Collective patterns, 2020


Networked Commons Initiatives

Our newest mapping effort does not yet have a live map, but will be built out as the improvements to the tech behind the other two maps is developed. The goal of this project is to make visible the many options we have across aligned organizations that exist in support of the common good. This includes technologies, but also human patterns of organizing, such as governance, education, fund allocation, and collective intelligence. You can see the ideas behind this map as inspired by work in the Collective on cooperation-as-a-service, and by conversations with our Open Coop friends, as in this webinar.

This and our other mapping projects also cooperate with the wonderful Murmurations protocol, a project also supported by Open Coop. Since we see Murmurations as a critical first step in a dynamic map of networked commons initiatives, we encourage you to check them out, join the flock, and support this project if you can.



mapping the patterns for cooperating-as-a-service
Mapping the patterns for cooperating-as-a-service, Digital Life Collective patterns, 2020


Ecosystem mapping partners

The Digital Life Collective: Supporting and informing map structures and functions

Team Earth: Designing and building ecosystem maps

CoMakery: Gathering interest for and clarifying how to help on projects

Open Coop: Convening aligned communities and supporting protocols

Murmurations: Developing a basic protocol for interoperable maps and directories



logos of our mapping partners