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Cooperating on Cooperation-as-a-Service

No one open source project can build it all. No one open source project can stand by itself and deliver its full potential.

We are on a mission to weave open source projects together for Cooperation-as-a-Service — not just technologically, but sociotechnologically. We combine the Collective's deep domain expertise in fields such as org design, sociocracy, the future of work, human-computer interaction, natural systems, open money, and community building, with the technical brilliance of open source project teams. In short, we're good for each other.

We have identified a pattern to guide the emergence of structure. If you participate in an open source project and can see where it fits into this pattern, get in touch. If this pattern does not accommodate your project but you think it should, likewise, please get in touch.

a matrix of different types of patterns
Digital Life Collective patterns, 2020


Our CaaS session at Open:2020

Thanks to Open Coop for cooperating with us on this event!

The video recording

The slides