What is important to us

Our values will evolve as the Collective grows and involves people from a broader range of backgrounds. We expect the values will reflect and support the central concepts at the heart of Tech We Trust – trust, equality, privacy, and decentralization. Values will likely include integrity, fairness, respect, openness and transparency for example, but they will also reflect our choice to work as a cooperative. (See also how we work together.)Here is our current take on the responsibilities that come with of each of those values:

Trust requires integrity

We will help get technology back on the right track – technology we can trust so that we may trust ourselves.

Equality requires fairness and inclusivity

As members working together, we will improve usability and accessibility, making sure everyone’s invited to our digital society.

Privacy requires respect

We will help everyone take back control of their personal data and limit others assembling the most detailed databases on our every move, our every action, our every thought. We will help oversee and limit the ability of our governments to spy on the very people that elected them, the very people they’re supposed to serve not undermine.

Decentralization supports all of the above

We will help (re)decentralize our technology, making it more resilient, adaptable, and more human.

The co-operative way requires openness

We will apply co-operative principles to make openness second nature and education and learning a core purpose. We will focus on learning to learn with curiosity.

Do you share our values? We need to do this together.