Welcome to the Collective

Welcome to the Collective!

We're glad you're here.

The Digital Life Collective researches, develops, funds and supports Tech We Trust, technologies that prioritize our autonomy, privacy and dignity. Our tech, not their tech.

We believe the digital technologies we use should serve without stalking us, protect without limiting us, and empower without betraying us. We believe they should be accessible to all, without exception.

We convene conversations about tech we might trust, map existing technology projects, support members who’d like to work on their own projects, and provide a learning network of members who care about our common future.

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  • Develop a framework for technology trustworthiness
  • Explore our network mapping projects
  • Collaborate on our toolbox for distributed teams
  • Build a liquid democracy app for organisation

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Our organisation is member funded, member owned, and member operated, for everyone’s benefit: digital technologies of the people, by the people, and for the people. We simply can’t do this unless we do this together. Welcome.


Any adult or organisation can join the Collective or contribute to our work. Our minimum annual membership is only ten dollars (USD).

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