Tech, Power and Patterns

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Hosted by the Digital Life Collective, 7 Sept 2018
*Cover photo by Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

When: 7 Sept, 2018

10 am Pacific, 6 pm UK


Our Panel

Organizer and Facilitator: Christina Bowen
Notes: Steve Taylor
Recording and webinar support: June Holley


  • What are the most effective ways to ensure our tech serves people, rather than people being mined for tech?
  • What simple ways can normal people change their behavior on the Internet to gain more control over their digital presence without losing key services?
  • Knowing that people tend to change more when they are supported in that change by a small group, how can we help people self-organize in change groups?
  • Can you identify any particular small change that, if implemented, could make a major progressive shift in economic power structures for the communities you work in?
  • How can we speak effectively about power in our communities when so much of the time the topic is implicit and under-addressed?

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