Collective Social Ledger

Imagine sharing stories around a crackling campfire, each story fading into the night, like the sparks of the fire, evoking different memories. Now imagine a way to capture these stories and weaving them into a beautiful tapestry that is accessible and extensible by anyone, even those who weren't at the campfire that night. That is the idea of the Social Ledger, a team collaboration tool to unfold the story of a group of people, going from one activity to the next, all-the-while having great a conversation.

"The conversation is the work." [David Whyte]

The Social Ledger is the glue that ties all activities across the Collective together; it's a way to move beyond passive community engagement towards active participation; it's a scaffolding to ensure newcomers understand what is happening and existing members can focus on important artifacts. There have been many attempts to do this, mostly through explicit (read: monetary incentives or disincentives) reward schemas, but unlike the Social Ledger, those schemas either fade away after an initial period, are ignored or are simply outside the normal flow of work.

The Social Ledger operates from within the flow of work: it is right there in your channel (circle) where all of your important conversations are taking place. It is invoked through a simple "slash command", something that will feel natural in a short period of time. Most importantly, the ledger records activities for everyone else to see and to learn from, creating a feedback loop that encourages other members to participate even more. To see how this looks like, here's the real-time visualization of all activities across the Collective (click on any holon to zoom in and out) and the real-time member graph (drag any node to examine the strength of the connections).

If you have stumbled in here and are not sure what this is, please visit Member orientation.

The "what" and the "why" of the social ledger

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The quick how-to: using /dig in our team chat

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