DigLife peer-2-peer video chat

What it is

The Diglife peer-to-peer chat is a video chat that connects members with a question or request to another member of the Collective. There are several use cases that the Collective is exploring:

  • Onboarding members that just joined and need orientation
  • Performing a stewardship role for existing members
  • Answering questions of new members getting stuck on something
  • Discuss social objects in a particular channel (see below)
  • Establishing deeper connections with the Collective
  • Collecting tokens for community-related duties
  • Most importantly: Putting a face on new members :)

How it works

Open Mattermost and type /dig chat to bring up a link to the tool. You can chose between "Request Chat" and "Offer Chat", the former is for a newcomer or someone with a question, the latter is for an existing member or someone with an answer. You will see if someone is requesting a chat by a notification in the same channel the request was initiated.

Any member can be a steward - all you have to do is to click on "Offer Chat" and leave the browser window open for as long as you like. This "stand-by" connection does not consume any bandwidth and nothing is shared from your camera until a connection with another members is established. To do this, wait until you hear a "ding" sound and click on "Accept Call". That's it! At the end of the call, click on the "Close Chat" button.

Advanced uses

You can start a direct video call by typing /dig chat @username (replace username with the party you want to chat with) and clicking on the "Request Direct Chat" link that opens. The second party clicks on "Offer Chat" and will see the incoming call from the first party. Just accept the call and chat away.

Another type of call is a channel chat. Type /dig chat @channel (ignore the popup warning) and only members from within the same channel will be connected. This is good for domain- or channel-specific calls. A good place for being on stand-by for other members is in the Open Chat channel.

Each chat will also show the current set of social objects for the channel you are currently in (on the left side). If you receive an incoming chat request you have the option to change your channel to the same channel the requester is in. To do this, click on the Change Channel button before you accept the call.

Want to play?