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Our ecosystem is complex and ever-changing. Search engines may help us find project websites, but there has been no effort to categorize projects in terms of their trustworthiness on any level. To understand how projects and services could qualify as Tech We Trust, we are mapping today’s ecosystem and developing criteria to enable people to find their way around. This work is started. We have an overview map of maps for navigation, and we're actively populating maps for the Decentralized Tech and Identity communities.

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See DTech Map

This is our first map that allows projects to be added directly, making the data entry a decentralized effort. We will be officially launching this map at the Internet Archive's Decentralized Web Summit this summer. Be sure to get on the map before July 29th, and come find us if you'll be there too!

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We believe identity is fundamental to trustworthy technologies. This map is in the research phase. Get in touch if you have an identity project, publication, or core interest.

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Map data efforts and interoperability

As we build all of these dynamic maps, we are working to make them interoperable, and increasingly useful to the communities that co-created them. We are also keeping in mind the longer-term goal of allowing a single profile entry for an organisation or a project to have the ability to appear within several ecosystems.

The current version of the data behind these maps is a public resource that uses a live JSON file maintained in our GitHub and is visualized through Kumu. We are working to publish this data in additional forms such as NodeJS and Resource Description Framework (RDF).

See our Demo Map

We began this project with some basic desk research and a demo map.

Diglife Demo Map

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