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  • Adrian Gropper

    • Watertown, MA

    I'm an engineer, MD, and entrepreneur in medical devices and also the volunteer CTO of Patient Privacy Rights. I lead the HIE of One project for self-sovereign tech and independent health records.

  • Tech we trust for the world we want.

  • Ben Roberts

    • Newtown, CT USA

    Ben designs and hosts virtual and in-person dialogue and other processes, on behalf of both large and small groups and initiatives that seek to foster systemic transformation.

  • Christina Bowen

    • Columbia River Gorge

    Think of me as a knowledge ecologist, collaborative researcher, a network catalyst. When not teaming with the Collective, you can find me on an Aikido mat or hiking a waterfall trail. Come say hello!

  • Interested in and working in the space where cooperative values and principles meet digital.

  • Harlan is the architect of Trust Graph (decentralized reputation interchange), Nodesphere (meta decentralized social network), and helped create CoMakery (equity tracking and revenue distribution).

  • Jim Whitescarver

    • Brookville, FL USA

    Veteran technologist and group system researcher facilitating the development of decentralized communities and blockchain innovation.

  • Joachim Stroh

    • Brooklyn, NY

    Joachim Stroh is a Change Agent, Knowledge Management Expert, Visualization Specialist and Co-Founder of Sceenius, Change Agents Worldwide and the Digital Life Collective.

  • Laura James

    • Cambridge, UK, mostly, +online

    Engineering useful new technologies & systems. Gets stuff done. Doteveryone .org.uk, FieldReady.org. Past: Cambridge Makespace, Open Knowledge, Evi, AlertMe, AT&T Labs, & U Cambridge.

  • Marty McGuire

    • Baltimore, MD

    Marty is a freelance web developer and improvisor. He advocates for the IndieWeb and produces a weekly IndieWeb audio newsletter.

  • Marvourneen Dolor

    • Washington D.C.

    I'm a scientist by training and policy analyst by profession. I'm thrilled to be a part of the Digital Life Collective because it fits into the wisdom community that I hope will take over the globe.

  • Michael Linton

    • VI, BC, Canada

    I dream of free money and truly free markets, of ending monetary poverty and the emergence of co-operation in practice, by the use of circular moneys.

  • Moon Lee

    • Chicago USA

    Passionate about interesting ideas, impact technology, and working with great people. I currently head up two companies as CTO, and lend a hand here at the Collective. Oh, and jiujitsu. Lots of that.

  • Pamela Morgan

    • Beaverton, Oregon

    Systems thinking and mapping, energy geek. Reads voraciously; writes occasionally. Opines freely. Believes in creativity and copes with the messy people stuff.

  • Technologist. Chartered Engineer. Architect of the Web Science Trust endorsed hi:project. Work with AKASHA on self-sovereign technologies towards the development of sustainable planetary systems.

  • Robert Best

    • Toronto, Canada

    Curious-Connector Cartographer R&D @metamapps + @holochain #FutureOfWork #CollectiveIntelligence #P2P #SocEnt #4TheCommons #SpaceshipEarth ❤️

  • Ross Schulman

    • Washington, DC

    Ross Schulman is senior policy technologist and senior counsel at the Open Technology Institute, where he focuses on decentralization, encryption, and privacy. He's both a lawyer and a technologist.

  • Rui Vale

    • Lisbon, Portugal

    Idea janitor from the financial sector data processing fiefdom, currently into rogue research in software development life cycle scavenger hunting and counter-bromidic organizational theory.

  • Sarah Pritchard

    • Columbia River Gorge

    I'm excited to join the forces of the Digital Life Collective and work to provide an equitable and accessible online platform that is wholly supportive to the betterment of all.

  • Sasha Bentley

    • White Salmon, WA, USA

    Social equity advocate passionate about the Rural-Urban divide and issues unique to rural areas. A community organizer prioritizing voter education and engagement.

  • Sharon Albuerne is a sustainability strategist & systems thinker currently developing frameworks to support nonviolent struggle and protect organizations & governments from sociopathic co-optation.

  • Shaun Fensom

    • Manchester UK

    I am a freelance with a technical background, mainly advising on digital infrastructure strategies for cities, often using a cooperative business model to ensure neutrality and promote collaboration.

  • Steve Taylor

    • Cambridge, UK

    I try to help tech companies communicate and develop efficiently. Marketing in Taiwan 1990-2006 and now living and rowing with my family and marketing at Linaro in Cambridge, UK.

  • Viktor Zaunders

    • Röstånga, Sweden

    Technologist turned biophiliac. Loves bridge-building between ideas and organizations. Fascinated by and working with fungi. Working hard on building soil and hydrological stability.