Member orientation


We each play different roles in the Collective at any given time. We outline some of these below to help set member expectations, especially with regard to time commitments, and to give life to the idea that this truly is our - meaning your - organization.

The Collective is many things to many people. To you, it is what you make of it. Here are some possibilities.

    Collective options for our members

  • Member calls

    Community calendar calls are open to all members

    A question...

    Have you interacted with your fellow co-operative members in real-time? You know, like face-to-face. It could well be there are other members not too far away, and we’re going to work on how we might make this obvious in the future, privacy settings permitting of course. But for now, you can always jump on one of our regular Zoom team calls, or set one up yourself of course if you have a different time or day in mind.

    Click below for details on how to get Zooming, which we introduced last week.


  • General Members

    Estimated time: at least 5-30 minutes a week


    If you haven’t already, please introduce yourself in our team chat.

    If this is your first time looking to log in, you’ll find the chat invitation link in the welcome email you got on the day you became a member. Email if you have any trouble finding it or logging in. Be sure to check spam filters.

    We send out a member newsletter every other week or so. You may already have received one. And if you want to get yourself up to speed at any time on the latest happenings, all our newsletters are published right here.

    Most every newsletter includes suggestions about what you can do to help move our mission forward … please don’t be shy. ;-)

    It is important for us that you begin to understand the structure of the Collective at an early stage during onboarding. Our emergent structure visual is COMING SOON to a member portal near you! For a glimpse, please click on the button below.



    Introduce yourself in our team chat (what you hope for here, why you joined, what your offers/ requests are)

    Explore our website and read our newsletters, 2x a month

    Act on requests offered in chat or newsletter as you see fit

    Be curious!

  • Active Members

    Estimated time: at least 15 minutes and up to a few hours a week

    We're glad you're here!

    Now that you’ve introduced yourself to y/our Collective, and done a bit of reading of our newsletters and website, it’s time to see the tools we use and how we self–organize in this virtual global village.

    NOTE: our member portal is still in development and maybe slow to load. *Be patient, and offer feedback freely. It's how we shape our Collective together*!



    Read our values, organizing principles, and code of conduct

    Read through all our site content, and understand the purpose/ vision/ mission of the Collective and how and where that aligns with your own

    Ask questions or engage in conversation anywhere you like

    Occasionally offer suggestions in our [feedback chat channel]( or in [Welcome and Orientation]( about how we might improve the new member / learning member experience

    Learn something new once a week!

    Introduce yourself on a team call (see calendar on toolbelt)

    Schedule a 1:1 20 minute call with a Collective steward

    Think about requests (what you’d like to see from the Collective) and offers (what you’d like to bring here)

    Give a few minutes a month to help get the word out about the Collective (option: order stickers)

    Browse the currently active projects and offer domain expertise / mentorship when able

    Read about the Collective Social Ledger

    Spend a few minutes each month having some sort of conversation that interests you

    Occasionally help newer members feel welcome

    Continue to offer productive feedback

    Have fun!

  • Steward Members

    Expected time: 3+ hours a week

    Digital Life Collective orientation, no. 5 of 5

    By this time, we hope this truly feels like y/our Collective. You’ve met us, we’ve met you, and now it’s time to jump into the projects that grab your interest.

    Are you a steward?

    If you’re feeling like you know your way around now, if you’re pumped up for our mission and the way we’re going about it, why not declare yourself a Collective steward? Add this to your Mattermost profile so that others can find you and ask for your help. You can join us in [our operations space]( to talk with other stewards about their teams, projects and more. You’re not expected to know all the answers – no way – just the way to go about finding them and making stuff happen.

    We’ll finish here if it’s OK with you by simply repeating why we’re all in this together. It’s ridiculously important ...

    If we can’t trust our tech, we can’t trust ourselves. And if we can’t trust ourselves, we can’t trust each other. Together, we can nurture Tech We Trust for the World We Want.


    Actively improve cross-circle coordination

    Offer stewardship to new members as needed/ able

    Be committed to the success of our vision

    Help shape the strategic direction of the Collective

    Work hard, have fun and build deep relationships here!

Are you ready?

Y/our rights

Get set...

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