How we are making it happen

The Co-operative Way

We are a co-operative. Find out more about that here.


The Digital Life Collective is a learning organization, distilling organizational strategies from tech firms, coops, non-profits, and more. We generate self-direction and strong, coherent leadership by helping each other learn. You know something we don’t. You will make us better and, if you want to jump in, we’ll help you learn faster too.

Our open-source approach to working creates transparency to let you choose what the Collective becomes for you. Chat about one topic or several, find useful tools or points of view, and find a trustworthy circle of people to work with, as connected or as wide-ranging as you like. We all need Tech We Trust and we need you with us.

We believe effective, large scale co-operation requires self-organization. Imagine if we just assigned a few people to tell everyone what to do as we grow – we’d lose ideas, lack agility, and risk becoming a big, slow, bureaucracy. We don’t want that.

This means that we will all contribute when we are competent, learn from others when we need guidance, take any commitments we make seriously, and talk with others respectfully when we disagree.

We are willing to put up with a bit of mess and confusion as we figure out how to do this in a coordinated way. We learn by doing. Find out more about how we work together, become a member, and feel free to join conversations or projects that ignite you!

We all have power to choose and so shape the technologies we use.

We can all contribute to the development of Tech We Trust. By “development” we’re not just talking about the work of technologists, but everyone's input on the needs and priorities here, and everyone's help in getting our message out to everyone ready to listen.

You can help shape Tech We Trust by joining us and helping us understand your priorities.


Our tools

As our teams work together, we discover and even create new tools that meet our definition of Tech We Trust. We use these whenever they are both available and sufficiently intuitive to be inclusive. We also build ones we find we need, such as our social ledger.

Do you know of a collaboration tool we should be using? Raise it now in our member chat.

We live in the world we have rather than the one we want, so we do rely on some widely used collaboration tools for the time being that fall short of our high standards. We do so only to get where we need to go, to be as welcoming and accessible to as many people as possible.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas!