Find your conversations

We aim to make it easy for all members to find what's needed when it's needed. This page is a good place to start, providing pointers to our key tools and resources.

This website is of course a great place to find out how we present the Digital Life Collective publicly, how we were formed, and how we operate. The directory below aims to help you quickly discover ways to learn, and to help with projects:

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Where do I fit in?

Where can you start your conversation?

Members of the Digital Life Collective participate across as many or as few areas of interest as they like. One of the first choices you make as a member is what discussions to watch, which projects and conversations to contribute to, and where you might take a lead.

For frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ.



We discuss the major topics at hand in our public forum – Everyone is welcome!

Be sure to check out the ‘yearnings’ conversation – helping us better understand what encourages people to join, and helping us all shape the Digital Life Collective accordingly.



Member chat can be found at

The chat room is divided into domains of interest within which various channels should help you find the right place for a conversation easily enough.

We suggest that new members start by introducing themselves in the Welcome aboard channel and then your fellow members can recommend relevant conversations to get going. If you’d like an orientation to Mattermost, our chat tool, see this guide.



In addition to our team chat, we have regular team video calls. These are shown in a public calendar.