Collective ambassadors

Passionate about trustworthy tech and convivial communities? Excited about what you see happening in y/our Collective? Want to make it easier for others find out what we’re doing? Want a way to help that is very low time and bandwidth?

You are a wonderful ambassador!

Join our Ambassadors Channel

Being an Ambassador is simple.
Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Say that you are a member of the Collective and link to our relevant account in your social media profiles.
  2. When you find a useful insight or link, post it, and @ mention us on social media.
  3. If you like, you can help members in the Collective as well:
    Just keep an eye out for new members joining our main Announcements channels, help welcome them, and point out possible conversations of interest. (If you’d like to get more involved, our member relations team is also around at our Help Desk.

Cooperation-as-a-Service, a Collective member blog, event hosting, and more are in the works. Share your ideas and let’s help the Collective thrive!

Want more?

Join our Public Engagement team
If you’re passionate about the Collective and want a way to help us grow, please consider joining our Public Engagement team. If you are hosting relevant eventsand would like to make changes to our calendar directly, please ask in our Ambassador Channel.

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