What is possible in the Collective?

Thanks to Open Coop for cooperating with us on this event!

The main event page for this hour+ webinar also has links to the associated slide deck and notes. We’d love to get a shorter clip up here, and more clarity about what is possible throughout our site.

Get in touch if you’d like to help us do that!

Activate CaaS

Cooperation-as-a-Service (CaaS), is our Collective endeavor to support an ecosystem of groups and organizations interested in cooperating at scale.

Explore y/our cooperative ecosystem

Learn about or join any of these groups or organizations.


Start Cooperating

We invite you to experience our socio-technical stack first-hand in a prototype environment that is reliable and safe to explore for you and your associates. You can do this by joining any of the groups above, or by starting a space for your own group, below.

CaaS gives you access to our growing list of tools and services based on our Collective’s DigLife community nurturing tech we trust (link).  Become part of a co-visioning and co-investment process to shape the future of Cooperation-as-a-Service (link). By engaging directly with the technology and the protocols (how to best use the technology) you will gain a deeper understanding of how this applies to your own organization.

CaaS is not unlike a large digital sandbox (or digital makerspace), a bustling online village, a 21st century learning space with many different participants from all over the world, creating, learning and exchanging notes around the clock.

A vision for CaaS, an experiment in cooperating at scale

Cooperation-as-a-service is currently in a private beta with highly aligned groups. If your group would like to get started with CaaS now, please do reach out.

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