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Digital Life Collective members research, develop, fund and support Tech We Trust technologies that prioritize our autonomy, privacy and dignity. Our tech, not their tech.​

We believe the digital technologies we use should serve without stalking us, protect without limiting us, and empower without betraying us. We believe they should be accessible to all, without exception.

We nurture Tech We Trust. We are the team behind cooperation-as-a-service (CaaS).

We are a cooperative. Member funded. Member owned. Member controlled. The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) defines a co-operative as:

an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.

As Tech We Trust doesn’t automatically allow a company to make money by surveilling what we do with it, companies don’t generally see any profit in it. We can’t then wait for the market to address our need. And governments don’t seem to be stepping up either. Forming a cooperative of like-minded people is the best and perhaps the only way to nurture Tech We Trust.

The Alliance publishes a good introduction to co-operatives if you’d like to find out more. Our rules are published here.

If we can’t trust our tech, we can’t trust ourselves. And if we can trust ourselves, we can’t trust each other. And that’s not a good place to be.

Member Benefits

The question of benefit relates to relationships rather than transactions. It comes down to understanding what kind of relationships you want to nurture in your life, and what you’d love to achieve together.

You will have a personal affinity for our purpose (above), and you may be intrigued by being a member of a cooperative if this is new to you.  In short, you’ll be attracted to one or more of:

  • supporting our collective efforts to nurture trustworthy tech
  • engaging with active development of platform cooperativism
  • having salon-type access to conversations at the edge of technology and related disciplines
  • learning and teaching in fluid peer-to-peer communities
  • thinking and doing in collaboration with people that recognize the seriousness of getting tech wrong and the beauty of getting it right.
Robert Best

What is important to us.

Our values reflect and support the central concepts at the heart of Tech We Trust — trust, equity, privacy, and decentralization.

Trust requires integrity.

We help get technology back on the right track – technology we can trust so that we may trust ourselves.

Equity requires fairness and inclusivity.

As members working together, we will improve usability and accessibility, making sure everyone’s invited to our digital society.

Privacy requires respect.

We help everyone get more agency over data about them, limiting others assembling detailed databases of our every digital action.

Decentralization requires all of the above.

We will help (re)decentralize our technology, making it more resilient, adaptable, and more human.

The co-operative way requires openness.

We will apply co-operative principles to make openness second nature and education and learning a core purpose. We will focus on learning to learn with curiosity.


How do we work?

The Digital Life Collective is a learning organization, distilling organizational strategies from tech firms, co-ops, non-profits, and more. We generate self-direction and strong, coherent leadership by helping each other learn. Our open-source approach to working creates transparency to let you choose what the Collective becomes for you.

Effective, large scale, volunteer co-operation requires self-organization. This means that we all contribute when we are competent, learn from others when we need guidance, take any commitments we make seriously, and talk with others respectfully when we disagree. We operate based on consent rather than consensus, a core principle of sociocracy.

It goes without saying that we walk the talk. We are the first customers of our own Cooperation-as-a-Service.

Who are we?

We number over 200 members across a dozen countries. As a member, you’re going to get to know lots of interesting people, and we look forward to getting to know you.

Our current board members are Christina Bowen, Jim Whitescarver, Graham Mitchell (Chair), Philip Sheldrake (Secretary), Roy Brooks, and Steve Taylor. You can contact them at info@diglife.com.

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