About our budget

We don’t have a formal budget yet or a detailed plan about how we’ll allocate funds when we amass them. We've scheduled deliberation on this in the coming months (and perhaps this is something you'd like to help with?) We do however think it’s useful to share our ideas of how things might work out in practice, to give folks a sense of what we might do at different scales of operation.

    Thoughts on budget

  • When we surpass 200 members (>$10,000 per year)...

    We will:

    Have reached our initial target threshold and can keep the lights on (operating the co-operative organisation and hosting regular member calls, running a bank account and website, etc).

    Invest in raising awareness of our mission in new communities and places, for example convening panel sessions to discuss the criteria for Tech We Trust.

    Commission small pieces of content which help explain Tech We Trust and the Collective (written, video, animation etc).

    Continue developing sustainable business models aligned with our values

  • When we surpass 2,000 members (~$100,000 per year)...

    We will take all actions above and begin to:

    Employ contractors to accelerate the delivery of priority work and handle administrative functions

    Support the participation by members in conferences and events where they can present the Collective to our target groups

    Fund a small number of projects using a fellowship model (similar to that of other open projects)

    Provide Digital Life Collective marketing collateral to members who need it

    Increase the investment in raising awareness of our mission

  • When we surpass 50,000 members (>$1,000,000 per year)

    We will take all actions above and begin to:

    Employ staff

    Reward members based on commitment levels, including establishing token systems

    Support member meetups

    Plan how to become the world’s largest co-operative!

Help our budget along!